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High Performance Neuroscience

Where can the smallest changes make the biggest difference in getting the most from your brain, time, performance and life?

That’s the question we’re obsessed with at Upwire®.

Our purpose is to help more people (you!) use neuroscience-based methods to get more of what you want from your life—accomplishing bigger goals sooner, having more energy and calm focus, building great collaborations and teamwork, and much more.


Upwire® is the High Performance Neuroscience community focused on how today’s highest performers outperform all the rest.

Inside our unique interactive worldwide digital community—Upwire®—our members have a front-row seat for learning the latest neuroscience-backed tools and tactics for expanding what is possible and achieving more of what matters most.

Imagine being able to develop and draw upon more inexhaustible energy, calm focus, magnetic motivation, agile alertness, bold action, superfluid brainpower, telepathic teamwork and continual upgrading. What breakthroughs and successes would this fuel every day in your work and life?

We call the learning and application of these high performance mindsets and skillsets Upwiring®.


Your best life and most amazing future depend not on working harder, but on different (even opposite!) actions from habit and the crowd.

Upwiring® provides you with the tools needed to override the brain’s hardwired instincts which limit your everyday performance. Upwiring® enables you to sense what is possible in each day’s challenges, opportunities, actions, and interactions—so you can increasingly win what happens next.

Every day, you arrive at key opportunities to rise above challenges and cut through the noise to become more of the person you can become. With the mindset and skillsets of Upwire®, you’ll have the confidence and tools to unlock more of your true potential, winning every opportunity that matters, and live more of your most flourishing and fulfilling life.


When you join the Upwire® community, you’ll have access to our lastest neuroscience-backed discoveries which you can immediately apply in your work and life.

  • Learn practical and powerful tools for increasing everyday performance.
  • Pilot-test, adapt and upgrade your skills to set and achieve more of your top targets and goals.
  • Expand your performance mindset with new perspectives and proven tools from Tier 1 operators.
  • Be among the first to receive our latest high performance neuroscience discoveries, along with tactics for applying these insights in your daily work and life.
  • Listen to podcasts and attend online events to learn from top leaders and teams making breakthroughs in their industries.
  • Connect with and be inspired by like-minded professionals and disciplines. Share what’s working for you and encourage others toward success.
  • Enroll in courses to discover and unlock more of your high performance potential.
  • Experience a leading-edge, constructively positive community to power growth. While challenging at times, our space is free from the negative toxicity of traditional social media platforms.

Everything we study and offer through Upwire® is designed to deliver—and sustain—real-world results.


We are a global team of neuroscientists, behavior change experts, Tier One Navy SEALS, fighter pilots, and world record-setting athletes.

We research, test and develop systems to implement scientifically-based insights, ultra-practical tools and proven counterintuitive wisdom to elevate our performance and our teams.

Upwire® is your opportunity to join us and unlock more of your true potential in work and life.